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Jeff and Jordan win big!

Tonight during the BB11 finale our favorite couple won big!


Jordan pulled off another win, beating Kevin in Part 3 of the final HOH. This left Jordan with the decision of who to evict and who to take with her to F2. She Evicted Kevin and Took Natalie with her assuming she would be easier to beat. After a great jury Q&A, Jordan proved herself to be a great player despite most people underestimating her. Julie announced Jordan as the Winner with a 5-2 vote. Her prize... $500,000!! She also became the first woman to win Big Brother since Season Six.

But Jordan wasn't the only winner that night! Jeff may not have won the show, but he didn't leave empty handed on finale night. Not only did he get the girl, but also a check for $25,000 for winning America's Favorite Houseguest, voted on by the fans.

So huge congratulations to our favorite big brother couple, they not only won the game,

with their new found romance, they also won in life!

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