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Big SuperPass JeJo Announcement finally here!

Holiday JeJo Chat!


So Yes, as many of you guessed, Jeff and Jordan will be be doing a Live chat with Superpass, they will be flown up to Seattle on December 14th (a Tuesday) to have a 2 hour in studio chat with Chelsia before jetting off to their well deserved winter vacation in Vancouver. The chat will give everyone a chance to catch up with Jeff and Jordan and hear all about their holiday plans, plus fans will be given the opportunity to either call in or submit questions. After the chat is over there will be fun holiday treats to looks forward to in the coming weeks showcasing Jeff and Jordan's time in Seattle. So make sure you sign up for Superpass because that's the only place you'll be able to see this chat or any of the holiday goodies to follow.

Update: Jeff and Jordan have wrapped up their chat in seattle for Real Player/Superpass. Activities included bowling, gingerbread house contest and live chat with fans. To find more photos check our gallery under "Superpass Visit #2"

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