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ATWFF Kick Off Chat with the fansite!

Jeff and Zsolt give us the inside skinny to Jeff's new show!


Updated to add the chat videos:

Chat rules:

Jeff and Zsolt will be our guests in a live video chat on Tuesday July 20th at 6pm pst, 8pm ct, 9pm est. The chat room link will be provided an hour or so before the chat begins. Jeff and Zsolt will take questions live from the chat room, so start thinking about what you want to ask them.

This Chat will be organized and civil. Trouble makers will not be tolerated. Please make sure you familiarize yourself with the chat room rules before coming in. In some cases if you break a rule you will be sent a warning in chat, but in other more obvious cases you will just be banned. The point of this chat is to have fun with Jeff and Zsolt and learn more about their upcoming adventure and we want to make sure everyone has a good time.

Chat room Rules: 

• Be civil to each other, no insults or judgmental remarks. Keep your opinion to yourself if you do not like what another chatter has asked.

• Do not bait other chatters into a fight or board war, this is not the place for that.

•Do no go on audio or video (do not hit the broadcast button) doing this will immediately get you banned. Jeff and Zsolt are the only ones allowed on Audio/Video.

•  Do not Bash Jeff, Jordan or Zsolt, this will immediately get you banned. Joking around with them is fine, the occasional harmless stone is ok, but any nastiness and you gawn!

 • Do not flood the chat room with questions, Jeff and Zsolt will pick a question (after the mods have asked for you to enter yours in the chat) and once they pick one, do not keep posting yours. Wait until the mods ask for more Questions. Keep in mind that we want to keep the room moving slow enough for Jeff and Zsolt to read. While Jeff and Zsolt are answering, you can post comments and reactions to what they are saying. But if at any time we ask that you stop flooding the room, stop typing and let Jeff and Zsolt catch up.

 • Do not spam the room with links 

• No Guest names, The room will be open to twitter, Facebook and Myspace logins as well as the regular Guest login, but if you sign in as a guest you need to pick a name. We recommend that you log in with twitter names (if you have twitter), or Site usernames (if you sign in as a guest) so that Jeff and Zsolt has more of a chance to recognize some of you. If you a logged in as a guest and do not change your name, you may be subject to be banned from the room. We want veryone to have unique and distinguishable names so Jeff and Zsolt and identify you when picking out your questions.

 • Do not ask Jeff or Zsolt Innappropriate questions about their personal life and please try not to waste time with questions that have been asked and answered several times before (Hawaii? Are you and Jordan still together? How did TAR compare to BB? on). Alos Jordan is not there, so don't ask if she is with him.

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