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Reply AmyK318
2:58 AM on September 12, 2016 
So happy to finally have the honor to personally wish Jeff & Jordan all the best of luck, love & happiness for their future together!! And, as I know this will probably sound kind of corny, I also wanted to say "thank you" for allowing me (and the millions of other BB fans..LoL) to witness the beginning of "Jeff & Jordan's Happily Ever After"!! I truly believe that we all have 1 soul mate on this earth & the two of you have definitely, without a doubt, found yours!! Congratulations!!!!
Reply ShannaHall
7:44 PM on June 1, 2016 

Congrats to both of you on your wedding and the baby. Wish you the best lives to come together. You two make a great couple and will be great parents. 

Reply mischievoussquirrel
8:06 AM on September 11, 2014 

Congradulations to you both, and best wishes. It was great to let the houseguests witness such a milestone in your lives, and very romantic to watch. Jeff, it's pretty funny that you got them to finally clean the BB house!

Reply Peggy
7:35 PM on September 8, 2014 

Congrats.   What kind of dog was on BB with you?

Reply Michelle
6:58 PM on September 8, 2014 

Congrats to you both.  Best of luck in the future.

Reply Texas
8:47 PM on September 5, 2014 

Congrats Jeff and Jordan!;)

Reply kay
10:33 PM on April 25, 2014 

I just want to tell both of you that i think you are one of the cutest couples ever. I have followed every season of bb and i loved your seasons by far the most. You have so much fun together and i wish you all the best in the future. You are an inspiration. Jordan everyone underestimated you and you certainly showed them. If i was physically capable i'd love to be on the show( it would have to be the canadian version). Jeff you are such a sweet guy and you treat Jordan with such love and respect. 

Reply Marie
7:09 PM on March 19, 2014 

Love you two.  I wish you were on TV again.  Is there anything up and coming?

Reply Michelle
8:54 PM on January 8, 2014 

Jeff and Jordan....I am a big fan of BB.  It was great watching you guys for 2 seasons.  You make a great couple. 

Reply Aiza Mendoza
9:38 PM on November 23, 2012 

Love both of you = I wish you all the best always and take care of each other.

Reply susie
5:39 PM on September 20, 2012 

Love you 2.......All the best...when are you going to get married?

Reply jenwestphal
9:50 PM on August 22, 2012 
I think the two of u r wonderful together!!!!! I do wedding flowers and planning all the time it would b a dream to have the opportunity for your wedding plans b my next big event! EVENT of A Lifetime! WOW FABULOUS !!!!
Reply jax
1:12 PM on August 18, 2012 
The best big brother I have seen is both your seasons. You both were very fun to watch and happy for you both that you both have shown there is a such thing as true love. Hope to see you both again on Big Brother... Best of luck to you both... : )
Reply JEJO rulez
1:55 PM on August 16, 2012 
Jeff and Jordon you guys are perfect for each other. I can't wait until you 2 get married and have children. I hope you guys be on Big Brother agian. I was rooting for Jordon to win BB 13.
Reply Jeff4ever
11:28 AM on August 9, 2012 

Dear Jeff and Jordan i think that you guys made Big Brother the show that it is today. You both showed that you do not have to play dirty. You can be loyal and love someone as well as play a game with them. I admire you both for that. You guys are the reason why i watch this show. Jordan it is great to see that you defended jeff when he was in need your a good woman. Jeff you always made sure that no one disrepsected Jordan which makes you very charming and sweet. I hope that you guys come back to the show and show them how its done.

Reply ChelsieDawn21
6:29 PM on July 31, 2012 
Dear Jeff and Jordan, You guys are sooo adorable together . I love watching you guys do Ur live chats with your fans, I am happy that you guys are gonna live together in Cali . Best of luck to both of u :)
Reply Sassy211014
5:24 PM on July 27, 2012 
My favorite bb players. Just enjoyed them.
Reply bonbon
6:54 PM on July 6, 2012 

does anyone know the name of the company that was making the handbags jeff and jordan made for charity..I placed a order in april and have not got one!

Reply Marie
4:41 PM on June 23, 2012 

You two are my favorite BB guests.  I'm so glad you found each other.  I love this website. 

Reply SHeisler
5:10 PM on February 18, 2012 

Jeff and Jordan,

Watching you two on The Amazing Race has inspired me to be a better person. You both have amazing personalities and I always try to remind myself to not take things so serious all of the time.

I rarely watched The Amazing Race (NEVER seen Big Bro) until now, but when I ran into your seasons, I was interested in what you guys were up to with business or any organizations that you support.

Your new project with Build A City has made me want to take part and have focus on supporting these cities/international areas that need soo much help from us who have a lot more than they would ever ask for.  Because of your passion in helping these desperate places, it really influences your biggest fans, includine me and getting us involved in the same activites.

So I just wanna say thank you for being yourselves. Thank you for making me a happier person. Thank you for being such amazing role models. I hope you two are blessed each day and are very happy.

Reply Texas
3:39 AM on December 25, 2011 

Jeff and Jordan it's great to hear that you and Jordan are moving to CALIFORNIA!  I lived in Los Angeles for a little over 32 years and I just love'd it.  I'm in Seattle now, but I hope to move back to L.A. soon. HAVE A GREAT TIME YOU TWO IN CALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reply sasha
12:01 AM on November 13, 2011 

 J&J withdrawl + no NBA = a Very long winter!!! xoxoxo...from the Sooner state!!!

Reply sajdib
5:52 PM on October 29, 2011 

I can't wait for:

  1. When Jeff proposes to Jordan
  2. Their wedding (hopefully it is on TV)
  3. When they get their own reality show
  4. When they have kids, because "they'd make pretty babies." ;)
Reply haleyxxnicole
7:10 PM on October 4, 2011 
JeJo is amazing. ! I love them with all my heartand wish them best lives they could possibly have together.. ?????????????????
Reply Haley
10:35 PM on September 24, 2011 

c'mon guys lets make somee trbiutes haha adele someone like you is a awesome song for a J&j tribute!<3

Reply jejofan1
9:54 PM on September 21, 2011 


Thankyou so much for giving your fans another enjoyable summer...You may not have won the money (well jeff got a nice paycheck) but i think that you have both found something in each other that no amount of money could buy. It has been a pleasure watching you two develop from BFF"S to the sweetest couple there is. The respect and love that you both seem to have for each other is very hard to find,so when you do,and you have,hold onto it for life. I wish you both the best in whatever new adventure you have planned for yourselves. I only hope that your fans will get to see you again someday soon on a new tv show. I cant wait to hear about your next step...thankyou and keep your fans updated We love you both!!!!

Reply marie
10:29 AM on September 20, 2011 

Dear Jeff and Jordan,

It has been a pleasure watching you both again this season on bb13.  You both did a great job and very proud of you both.  Wishing you well in your lives together and many more opportunities to come your way.

Marie from New York

Reply Ashley
3:50 PM on September 18, 2011 

Jeff and Jordan.... What can I say? You guys are amazing! Definately the best BB couple ever! I, along with so many others voted for Jeff for AFH, and we were al rooting for you two to be in the final 2. I wanted to climb through my TV when Shelly voted out Jeff and then made Jordan cry. But, it's a game. I want to thank you guys for deciding to be on the show again this season, and I can't wait to see what else you guys end up doing in the future! 

P.S - You guys should have your own reality show... "A Day in the Life of Jeff and Jordan." :-)

Ashley from Chicago.

Reply BeckyMc
11:40 AM on September 17, 2011 

Jeff and Jordan, what could I say that haven't been said. Probably nothing . I loved watching ya'll grow so close as friends in BB11. Taking it slow in the real world has strenghten your love for the years to come. I hated watching the stress ya'll had to deal with on the show. Pressure seem to be on from the start. The moments we all loved in BB11 seem to be far and in between because of the stress. I know when you think you have friends in the game and they do what they think will take them further in the game it hurts really bad.  We all felt the pain Jordan went through and cried when she did. But knew ya'll would be able to raise above the pain and betrayal because of the people you truly are. I wish you both all the happiness you deserve and more. My biggest wish is when ya'll are ready to take the big step there is someway we can take that journey with you. From the time you, Jeff, slip that ring on Jordan finger, the preparing for your wedding and the family you hope to have. Loved watch you grow into the couple you are, best wishes in all you undertake and keep us informed. Here's praying there are many great things to come your way. A fan always!

Reply cajungirl2011
7:17 AM on September 17, 2011 

jeff and jordan....  just wanted to say america really loves you two. was so upset when you jeff left the house and shelly made jordan cry i wanted to come through my tv and make shelly cry. you two are the greatest couple in BB  History.. i wish you both  all the luck in the world on what  ever you decided  to do. hope you make a life together. you complete each other.  i sure hope this wasen't the last time i see you both on tv. ya'll take care  .. despite from shelly people in louisiana love you both

Reply Sharon
11:19 AM on September 16, 2011 

Jeff and Jordan....What can a person say that no one else has already said?  Nothing!!!

You two are definately the greatest couple EVER!!!! Wishing you both the best in Life Love and Future.....Would LOVE to see the ring Jeff buys Jordan with the money he won ! LOL.....Just kidding.....Hopefully this is not the last everyone sees of you two...

Sharon, New Brunswick Canada

Reply rhonda
1:38 AM on September 16, 2011 

I think you two are just great together.  Hopefully the powers that be will see that also and you will get your own show.  Good luck in everything that you do. 

Reply Sharon
5:11 PM on September 15, 2011 
I think you guys are the best. I wish you would come to Memphis.
Reply lucilj
11:27 AM on September 12, 2011 

Jeff and Jordan you are a class act :) You are truely America's favortie BB players of all time! I would love to see you do a reality show about your lives together, I think it would be a big success. Let the rest of the world fall in love with you as we all did :)

Reply Carol
7:44 PM on September 11, 2011 

Jeff & Jordan

I have really enjoyed the two of you since the first time you were on BB and I  hoped Jeff would win this time.  When the double eviciton episode happened I wanted Jordan to win the big money again.   I'm sorry you're both in the jury but the two of you did really well.  They got rid of you Jeff because they were afraid of you and Jordan as a former winner it is awesome you made it to the final four. 

I'm going to vote for Jeff for America's Choice and I hope you get it.  The two of you are great people and you deserve the best. 

If the two of you do any other reality show I'll watch it for sure. 

Reply ericam24
7:53 PM on September 10, 2011 

Jeff & Jordan,

Me and my family have loved you both since S11 and were so excited to see you back for S13.  I was really hoping for Jeff to win this time!  I was so nervous for double eviction night and had to keep myself from crying right along with Jordan!  But you both played AWESOME and have to be proud of that.  And I would also like to take this time to thank you both for deciding to be on the show again.  Jeff, you are hilarious and honest and an all around great guy.  Jordan, you are the sweetest girl and I knew I liked you for all the right reasons when you said my favorite saying - everything happens for a reason, after Jeff was evicted.  Not everyone likes that saying, but it's true.  Jeff & Jordan, you compliment each other well and I wish you the best of luck in all you do!

Reply Texas
4:00 PM on September 10, 2011 

Jeff and Jordan, It was GREAT seeing you two again on BB13.  But I'm hoping to see you guys on your own "Reality Show".  What do you say, having your own show?  I'd watch.  Love ya!:)

Reply TeamJeJo4ever
2:30 PM on September 10, 2011 

Jeff and Jordan, 
Thank you so much for showing the world that not all people are fakes on Reality Shows. Both of you had so much class, and were amazing to watch for both season 11 and 13. You made America proud and most importantly, I hope you both are proud of how far you both came from Season 11. Thank you for making my summer amazing, and I hope you have a wonderful life. (Aaannndd, maybe come back for an All-Stars 2? (: ) 

Jenny xoxo!

Reply Missie
12:50 PM on September 9, 2011 

Most reality shows are only good because of the snakes, liars and backstabbers. You two changed that forever! My BB crew and I just love you both and really wanted either one of you to win this season. We are going to vote for America's Juror for Jeff like we did last time so at least you get something to start your lives together. You two are very special people and it's been a joy to watch you. You even changed my opinion on Rachel which was very difficult to do but because she had your influences (no matter how tough) I think she'll be leaving this season with a different reputation. Only you guys could have done that! Good luck in all you do, Ohio wishes you the BEST!!!!!

Reply kasesu213
12:26 PM on September 9, 2011 

Jeff and Jordan,

You are the best people that have ever been on Big Brother - love your hearts, compassion, gameplay and your honesty - so refreshing and enjoyable to watch you two together!

My husband and I wish you both the best always!

Reply furrriends
10:06 AM on September 8, 2011 

Jeff and Jordan,

You guys have been my favs since S11. I was so happy to see y'all in the house for S 13. You always make me laugh and made me love y'all even more this season. I was so sad to see Jeff leave and now knowing Jordan is leaving make my heart break.  I know you 2 will do good things in life and I can't wait to hear the wedding bells. Thank you for letting us share in your lives and may god bless you both with great things. I wish you nothing but the best in life.

Reply cajungirl2011
12:05 PM on September 4, 2011 

Dear Jeff and Jordan ,

it has been a pleasure watching you again this season on bb13 great job, was so up set with shelly and what she did to you both.jordan i was so proud of you for telling shelly off good girl. i have been married 12 years now and my husband and i believe as you both do keep your word when you  give it to someone. wishing you both the best in all you .

Reply miss funny
8:09 PM on September 1, 2011 

Dear Jeff & Jordon,

It has been a pleasure watching you two again. I am so impressed with you both, I have been married 40 years and my husband & I beleive as you both do and to keep our word when we give it to someone. Thank You for makeing this season of Big Brother the best one yet. Wishing you both much LUCK & HAPPINESS.

Reply Mel
5:33 AM on August 27, 2011 
I have been watching you guys on Big Brother and amazing race. First off, I never sign up on Fan Websites but in this case I just had to tell you both how much I enjoy you playing Big Bro. You seem to be the most down to earth people and Jeff you play Big Bro just about as honestly as you can. I mean let's face it with that game to have to lie is the biggest hazard of the game. That's what makes it such a pain in the ass. But you two try harder than anyone I have ever seen to be respectful to others and Jordan you have the kindest heart to give the family call to Shelly was just beautiful. I have a friend I have been with for 30 years and he has hurt me terribly so it does not matter how long you have been friends people all make mistakes and Shelly playing both sides of the house and riding coattails and then turning on the very people who got her through to that point, well just shows where her heart is. She is there to win the money. Jordan, not everybody can walk away with not only the prize money (like you did your first Bib Bro Trip) but the most important thing that Big Bro gave you was Jeff. No other can say (except for maybe Rachel and I'm not sure about them) hell I'm not sure about you and Jeff because I don't know you guys anymore than I know them. I just truly can't help but believe you two are as down to earth and as honest as you can be. Jeff I love to watch you play this game it's just that you are to damned good at it. If you weren't you wouldn't be sitting in the Jury House right now. And with Danielle too. That's gotta suck. Well guys...just another person in your many admirers to tell you that my husband and I are on your side and if you don't win this time, you two just hold your head high and walk out of there with the greatest gift of all, eachother. God Bless and Take Care
Reply BBNuttyFan
4:14 PM on August 26, 2011 

My heart is breaking.......seeing you cry Jordan makes me cry.  I don't know how this season will end however I hope Shelly is not in the final two.  She is a snake and that is the nicest thing I can say about her.  I will always be a JeJo fan.  Sending love your way.  xxxooo

Reply LisaOakes
3:59 PM on August 26, 2011 

So sorry to see you go on BB last night Jeff.  Hoping Jordan pulls it together and gets another win.  Hope the best for you both in the future!

Reply Taryn Unhola
10:38 PM on August 9, 2011 

Jeff and Jordan

Hi you two i am a big fan of you two and i hope one of you win this season of big brother. This is a question for Jordan are you thinking of getting married to Jeff? Now this is a question for Jeff i was wondering if you are going to move in with Jordan? Later guys have a good rest of the summer in the big brother house

Reply RB618
2:05 AM on August 8, 2011 

Jeff and Jordon-

You guys are my absolute favorite! I also live in Chicago, so i love hearing about the places you have gone together, because i have been there too! You two are perfect together and i hope i get invited to the wedding! hahaha lol just kidding, but enjoy your life together. :D

Reply Misty Blue
2:26 AM on July 25, 2011 

Jeff & Jordan are adorable! If they ever get a reality show, I'de watch. :D

Reply Jeremy Krin
3:42 PM on July 22, 2011 

Jeff and Jordan- you guys are awesome together, hope things go well with you two- you deserve each other.