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Need help navigating the site or need a tutorial on how to post media, you can hopefully find the answers you need here on our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

About Us

  1. Who is this site for?

    This is a fan site for reality stars Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd who have appeared together on the CBS reality shows Big Brother and The Amazing Race. 

    Jeff and Jordan met on 'Big Brother" and became friends and alliance members. Shortly after the show ended Jeff and Jordan confirmed what all the fans had already seen progress in the house, they were an official couple.

    Jordan won season 11 of Big Brother taking home half a million dollars. Jeff was America's favorite player winning a special power by america that changed the face of the game and afterward he also won the America's Favorite Houseguest prize of $25,000.

    Currently they can be seen on CBS's Amazing Race Sunday nights. No word yet as to what is coming up for these two, but word is there is something in the works.

  2. What is the purpose of this site?

    This is a fan site. It's soul purpose is to allow all fans of Jeff and Jordan to to gather together and share media and discussion about Jeff and Jordan with other fans.

    The site also acts as a source of news for upcoming events, exclusive photos and gossip for any fan that wants to continue to follow Jeff and Jordan's life outside of the reality show genre.

  3. What are the site rules?

    Site Rules:


    Rule #1

    Always be respectful to your fellow posters, no bashing, judging or baiting into arguments, try to remain civil even in a heated debate. Avoid calling other posters out and take all personal disagreements to private message and off the open board.


    Rule #2

    No Bashing Jeff or Jordan, this includes implying that either of them did something inappropriate.


    Rule #3

    Appropriate Content, in other words try to always keep this in mind while posting "Would Jeff and Jordan feel comfortable reading what i am about to post?" For example a topic to avoid would be "Booger" or overly enthusiastic discussion about marriage and children. For example you can hope they live happily ever after, but do not post in a way that demands it from either of them. This is their lives, we are here to observe not get involved.


    Rule #4

    Try to stay positive, you are of course allowed to post your concern over Jeff and Jordan but try not to dwell on it and overwhelm a thread with thoughts like "Oh no they are breaking up!" or "They don't want to live together". We don't know what goes on in their lives and we can only make observations and try to keep the vibe here a positive one.


    Rule #5

    Do not encourage fanatic behavior from others. Topics to avoid: Hacking personal accounts, use of the word "stalker" as if it's a good thing, promoting searches for Jeff and Jordans' personal contact information or encouraging others to follow them.


    Rule #6

    Try to limit all threads to Jeff and Jordan related topics, with the exception of the introduction thread, try to avoid conversations about other HG's unless it pertains to Jeff and Jordan.


    Rule #7

    Stay on Topic. A little deviation can lead to a good discussion, but most of the time it leads to confusion, so please try to stay on topic of the thread you are in. If you have new information you would like to post, scroll through the already exsiting topics and find the most appropriate place to post.


    Rule #8

    Do not discuss moderation or debate site rules on the open board. If you have a problem with the way your posts was modded or if you have a problem with the site or a moderator, please address all concerns in either a private message to a mod or through the contact page.


    If you think another site member is breaking these rules feel free to flag their post or contact a mod.

    Rule #9

    Do no initiate board wars with other sites. You are free to discuss info from other sites but please avoid bringiong their negativity here to discuss.

    Rule #10

    No Spamming

    Rule #11

    Do not use posts to place judgment other fans or criticize other posters interest in a current topic. Words such as "Who cares" or "why are we even talking about this?" are to be avoided. If you don't care for a topic being discussed simply do not engage in discussion, don't make others feel bad that they are disucssing something you feel they shouldn't. Its not your place to pass such judgment.


    Rule #12

    Do not take posts by other members personal. Do not immediately react as if something another member said was a shot against you or that you were specifically called out. Most of the times this is a result of a misunderstanding and can easily be cleared up if you address it privately with the person you feel slighted you. Posts online can often be misread, feelings can be misconstrued so please keep that in mind and don't always assume the worst. Send the person a PM and try to clear it up there and not on the open board where other people can get involved and make matters worse.


    If you have any further questions or need to report a rule breaker please feel free to contact me or one of the mods here either through the contact page or personally through their profile pages.

  4. Our Site Twitter Account

    In Case anyone was curious, yes we do have our own Twitter account, the URL is

    Or you can also access our page via the twitter link in our side bar:

    If you follow us on twitter you will be up to date info on the site concenring new updates, and site outages to keep on the look out for. As well as site events like chats and new discussions, or whenever we upload new content, like videos and photos. 

    This can be helpful for those who don't have time to check the site several tims a day but would like to keep updated on the go to new content and events happening and being discussed on the site.

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The Site's "How 2 Guide"

  1. Why can't I view certain parts of the site?

    If you are not a reistered member of this site you will be unable to view certain areas that are only accessible to site members. Areas like the forum, photo gallery, and flashback calendar. 

  2. How do I regisiter to become a member?

    On the Home page of this site you will see what is called "the sidebar", it's the section of the page on the right hand side that contains updates on new videos, forum posts, members, so on. At the top of the side bar you will see this:

    Click "Register" to pull up this window:

    Fill in the boxes with valid information and then click "Sign Up".

    You will receive an email confirming you have signed up for the site, but you must wait until an admin has manually accepted your membership before you are allowed access to the full features of the site.

    When your membership is accepted, you will receive an email stating that you are now a member and than you may log into the site with your new username and password.

  3. I registered but I can't log in?

    This problem is often due to your membership not being approved yet by a site admin. The admin must manually approve your membership, after which you will receive an email stating your membership has been approved.

    Please be patient as this process is done manually and it's whenever an admin gets around to checking on new membership requests. But rest assured we check several times a day, so your wait shouldn't be too long.

  4. What is the Sidebar?

    The Sidebar is the section on the right hand side of the site pages. It contains updated information about news, upcoming events, polls, new blog, forum post, the latest videos and recent photos and members. 

    In most cases you only need to click on the recent content in the sidebar and it will take you right to it.

    The sidebar also has links to the site's Twitter account "teamJejo", so you can follow us on twitter to keep updated with site updates and outages.

    Towards the bottom you will find a donation link and a list of our current donars. Donation to the site is made via paypal and helps keep the site running ad free and maintains our bandwidth and storage space

  5. How do I edit my site profile?

    Once you are logged in you will see a "Members Area" section at the top of the sidebar, from here you can access your member's profile, inbox and wall.

    Clicking your name will bring you to your profile page or "wall"

    Here you can post a status update about yourself, view your recent site activity or read comments other members have left you. You can also view your friends list and your general info. This profile page is public to all members so make sure to only post info you don't mind others knowing.

    You can also gain access to your private message inbox and profile edit page.

    Click on "Edit profile" either on your profile page to the left, or on the right in the members area in the sidebar.

    The first page you will see is "Edit profile"

    Here you can:

    • change your site name

    • upload or change your site avatar

    • Post a little info about yourself if you like

    • Add a site signature (either picture or text) that will appear underneath all your posts in the forum.

    The Next Page is "Notification Preferences"

    Here you can set your site notifications concerning when you will be notified to new content, or when someone has replied to content you posted.

    The Next Page is "Edit Account"

    Here you can:

    • Change your email address

    • Change your gender, birthdate or ask that your age not be displayed

    • Change your time zone and location

    The Last Page is "Change Password"

    Here you can change you password as long as you know your current one. No mod or admin, not event he site owner knows what your password is. If you forget your password you can click "forgot password" on the sign in page and you will receive an email walking you through how to change it.

  6. What is a Friends List?

    On your profile page you will have a box to the left of other members who have accepted your friends request.

    If you want to add another member as a friend, simply go to the member lists and search for their name or find their name on a post they've made and click on their name to get you to THEIR profile page. Once there click "Add as Friend" on the Left hand side.


    You will than see a box pop up asking you to confirm your friend request and also giving you a spot to write a personal message. Confirm by clicking "Send Request"

    Having someone on your friend list allows you to more easily send them private messages because you can selected them by name when you click on" compose message" in your inbox page. In the area where recipients go you can start typing a letter of your friends names and you will get a pull down menu of all friends that might match that letter. You can also compose group emails to your friends, but only amongst your own friends that are in your buddy list.

  7. How do I send a private message?

    If you wish to communicate to another member privately, you may do so by sending them what is called a "PM" or Private Message.

    To send someone a private message you must go to their profile page and click "Send a Message"


    You can also go to your own inbox and click on "compose message on the right hand side and then type in the name of the person you want to send a message to, but this only works if that person is on your friends list.

    This part is important.

    When you are responding to a PM, you must do so in your inbox page, not through the email you receive telling you that your have a private message on the site. When you receive this email, click on the link that will take you to your profile inbox and reply to the message there.

  8. How do I post a video?

    If you wish to share a video with your fellow site members you have to follow a few steps:

    First go to the video gallery page and use the search feature to find out if someone else has posted the same video:

    If no one has added the video than click "Add video"

    you will be taken to this page:

    The easiest way and preferred way to post a video is to click on the option "embed code", though other options will work.

    After clicking the tab "embed video" choose video channel that your video would fit best in. You will see a pull down menu like this:

    Choose the channel and move on to the next boxes.

    Embed code:"

    You can find this on the right hand side of a youtube video page, it looks like this:

    Highlight and copy the embed code and paste it into the embed code box on your "add video page". 

    Sometimes if the video isn't a youtube video you can find the embed code by clicking "share" at the end of a video from another site.

    Next step...


    You must add a thumbnail or else your video will show up as a blank box on the video gallery page. To get the thumbnail URL, you can right click on the youtube video's thumbnail (mini picture you see when you search for the video), or you can find an equally fitting picture in our photo gallery and right click on the image and select "Copy Image address" Like so:

    Then PASTE that image address in the thumbnail URL box.

    Next step:

    Give your video a title, a short but descriptive title that clearly states what the video is about.

    Next step:

    * Optional

    Write a description about the video, please keep all description short. Also you can use this area to give credit to whomever created or uploaded the video if that person is not you.

    Lastly click "Submit" and you're done.

    The other options to post a video, URL, Search Youtube, Upload... not recommended because it makes it difficult for us to edit the video after the fact in case something is wrong with the way it's posted.

    Do not upload inappropriate content and only post photos that pertain to Jeff and Jordan.

  9. How do i upload a photo?

    To upload or share a photo with the other members you will  need to do the following:

    Go tot he photo gallery page:

    Click on the "Add photos" Button at the top Right

    Next Select the album you want your photo(s) to go:

    Then Click "Upload photos" 

    and you should pull up your computer desktop so you can search for the photo file you want to upload. Upload begins as soon as you select a file. If you wish to upload more than one you can select more than one either all at once or one at a time. Once you have collected all the photos you wish to upload and the progress bar has stopped, showing that the upload is complete, you will see this:

    After you see this, you must scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Submit"

    This will take you to a new page, where the site is processing your submission. Let the page full load (may take a few minutes) and than when you see all your photos loaded you can use this area to add captions or description or photo credit to the pictures.

    You can also move the photos up or down to arrange them in a particular order. Or move a picture to a different album if you didn't choose the right one but using the option of "move B/w albums"

    After you have done this, scroll to the very bottom of that page and click "Save"

    On occasion you may receive this error message:

    if you do, simply refresh your page and if you get the message again, just click on the photo gallery and chances are your photos have successfully uploaded.

    Do not upload inappropriate content and only post photos that pertain to Jeff and Jordan.

  10. How do I donate and what are site donations used for?

    You can donate to the site via PayPal. For those who don't have one, it's a very easy and safe way to transfer money online.  A PayPal account is easy to set up and it's free.

    To donate to the site if you already have a PayPal Account, scroll to the bottom of the sidebar and click on the "Make a Donation" Button

    Donations to the site are used for the following:

    • Monthly Site Fees that cover our site being ad free, and having the ability to handle large storage for media content and also the increasingly growing amount of bandwidth we use every time someone clicks on to the site. If I didn't pay for the extra bandwidth, chances are the site would runs very slow, not load or crash whenever we reached or monthly bandwidth limit.

    • Events and/or exclusive content. If there is a way we can sponsor members of our site to go to an event with the purpose of bringing us all back lots of pictures, video and info, than we will make an effort to set that up. Or if there is media that we can purchases exclusive to our site, we might look into that as well.

    All Donors are listed in the side bar as a way of showing our appreciation for their generosity.

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Site Navigation

  1. Home, News, Bio, Guestbook, Blog, Links & FAQ Pages

    At the top of each page of this site you will see what is called the "Navigation bar". This is an easy way of accessing the various pages of this website by simply clicking on the name of the page you wish to view.

    There are several pages that do not require action on your part other than to view and read. These pages are:

    • Home

    • News

    • Bios

    • Blog

    • Links

    • FAQ

    Home Page:

    This is the first page of the site, it gives an overview of what the site is about and who it is for. There are rarely changes to this page as it just serves the purpose of a "cover" like one you would see on a book.

    News Page:

    This page is ever changing with any new updates and news pertaining to Jeff and Jordan. In addition to the latest news, you might also find helpful links and information about how to participate in upcoming events.

    New updates to the News Page can be found inthe side bar under "News and Updates":

    Bios Page:

    This page is similar to the Home page, in the sense that it dose not change very often. It's simply a page that breaks down Jeff and Jordan's PR  info, basically tells you a little bit about them.

    Blog Page:

    The Blog page is where you will find, oddly enough not blogs (unless Jeff and Jordan start writing them), but more so interesting text interviews, articles and recaps of chats and tweets from both Jeff and Jordan. There is a comment section that allows you to post after each blog entry.

    Recent Blog entries can be found in the side bar:

    Links Page:

    This is where you will find links to other websites that pertain to Jeff and Jordan. We have several of their personal site likes, like facebook, myspace, IMDB and twitter accounts, but also other fan pages made for  them, profile pages for them on their various tv appearances, and recommended Big Brother  and Amazing Race Websites. Simply Click on the links on this page to access the site you want to go to.

    FAQ Page:

    The page you are on right now, this is the Frequently Asked Question Page. This section is here to help you navigate this site and understand how you can get the most of your experience here and how to become an active site participant.

  2. Video Gallery

    The video Gallery is where you will find all videos pertaining to Jeff and Jordan. While The first page of the video gallery has the most recent videos posted, you can access a particular section of the gallery  or "channel" by clicking on the channel name in the side bar:


    These are fan made videos of Jeff and Jordan, often clips of them from their various shows set to music.


    The Amazing Race:

    Highlight, Secret scenes, Promos and elimination Station Videos pertaining to Jeff and Jordan on season 16 of the Amazing Race

    Media Clips:

    These are videos of their various radio and TV interviews.

    Big Brother TV Segments:

    Videos clips of the TV broadcast of Big Brother Season 11 that feature Jeff and/or Jordan

    Feed Highlights:

    Highlights from the BB11 live feeds. To view the feeds in their entirety you must get a real Player superpass membership, after which you can use our calendar to find all your favorite Jeff and Jordan highlights from the feeds.


    Personal Clips:

    Videos such as commercials or other acting clips, or personal appearances and testimonials they have done.

    Vday Vegas:

    Videos from the 2010 Valentines Day Vegas Meet and Greet.

    You can also gain access to the various channels by clicking on the drop down menu of the search bar:

    Posting a Video:

    All Members of this site can post videos they wish to share with the other members. We only ask that first you search our existing videos to make sure your video is not already posted by another member, and if it is not that when you post your video you places it in the right channel and always include the proper descriptions, thumbnail and credit if the video is not yours. 

    For a Tutorial on how to post a video please go to the "site's How 2 guide" on the FAQ page and click on the question "How do I post  video", or you can click on the link below:

    Searching for Video is as simple as typing in a keyword you think describes or is in the the title of a video you are looking for. The Search Bar is located near the top of the video gallery page, as seen in the above image. 

    Sorting Videos:

    You can use the Sort Bar to access different views of the gallery depending on your preferences. 

    Recent - Sorts the Videos by the most recently uploaded to the site.

    Popular  - Sorts the videos by their popularity which is determined by the amount of views that video has received by members at the site.

    The Two small icons to the right of the Sort Bar allow you to change the view of the video Gallery itself. 

     Click this icon to view the Videos in a "Grid Form"

     Click this icon to view the Videos in a "List Form" 

    The Default of the Gallery is the List Form

    You can also quickly view any new additions to the Video gallery by looking to the sidebar at "recent Videos"

    You can click on the videos in this bar to jump straight to that video without going to the video gallery home page.

  3. Photo Gallery

    The Photo Gallery is where you will find several albums of the various events in Jeff and Jordan's careers and lives.

    To access a particular album just click on the image on the album or the name of the album in the gallery.

    Any Member can add photos to the gallery, we only ask that you search to make sure the photo hasn't already been posted by another member, and if it hasn't than when you add the photo, you make sure to post it in the correct album and always give credit to the owner of the photo.

    Side Note * The gallery is members only, so to view it you must become a registered member on the site.

    To post a photo in the gallery please view the tutorial on the FAQ page "How 2 Guide" or click here: 

    Photos are added almost daily, so in order to keep up with the most current pictures you have a couple of options:

    The Side Bar Recent Photos section:

    You can view the most recent photos uploaded to the site here. If there have been numerous recent uploads, the site will generate a random draw of photos form the most recent to display in this box. clicking on the image in this section will take you directly to the photo.

    Option 2, Recently Added Sort Bar:

    Clicking on this option will pull up all the most recent photos uploaded, no matter what album they are in.

    Most Commented:

    Clicking on this in the sort bar will pull up the most popular photos, regardless of how recent they are. The popularity is based on how many comments a photos has received by members of this site.

    Many time you will see a small number box on photos in the gallery, this number indicates how many comments that photos has.

    Viewing Photos:

    When you click on an album, the first thing you will see is the photo thumbnails. These are smaller versions of the original photos. To view the photo in it's original size or to post a comment, click on the thumbnail to access the full size photo.

    Viewing an individual photo will give you access to a few more options:

    Full Size:

    Allows you to view the photo in it's original size that may be larger than the constraints of the individual photo gallery page will allow.


    Allows you to view a Slide Show of that albums photos vs you clicking on them one at a time in the Top Bar:

    The Top Bar shows you the picture Number and allows you to scroll through the photos using the "Previous" and "Next" buttons.

    You can also use "Back to Album" to return to the thumbnail view of that album. One other option you might also see is  "Back to the gallery" which will take you back to the home page of the gallery.


    Use this box to post a comment on the photo, you must be logged in to do this.

    You can also reply to another member's comment by clicking this button on that person's post:

  4. The GuestBook and Contact Pages

    The GuestBook:

    This is the page where all members of the site can leave a nice greeting or well wish for Jeff and Jordan. Simply log in and post a comment. Do not post inappropriate things or bash Jeff and Jordan or the site. And do not post spam for other sites.

    The Contact Page:

    You can use this page to message the site owner with any questions or problems, just make sure to include your name and email address so we can reply back to you. 

    This page is generally used by people who are not members at this site. If you are a registered member you can contact the site owner or one of the moderators through our site's Private Message system, also known as "PMs".

    To send the site owner a private message click here to view her profile page and then click the "Send a Message" button on your left:

  5. The Members Directory

    You can view other members profile via our "Members page" or "Members Directory". Wen you first click on this page you will see a group of avatars (or blank boxes) and names of the most recent members that have logged in.

    If you are looking for a particular member use the search box:

    Clicking on the members name (in blue) will take you to their profile page. This page will allow you to view this members general info, as well as add them as a friend, view their friends list, send them a private message, view their recent activity or leave them a public comment on their profile wall.

    Back to the Members Directory...

    You can sort the Members list with a few options:

    Sort By Pull down menu:

    You have the options to sort by: 

    Display name - Sorts members in alphabetical order

    Last Login - Sorts Members by the most recent logins

    Creation Date - Sorts members by when they first joined the site

    Members Permissions - Sorts members by whether they are a regular member or a moderator or site owner, this is useful if you need to locate a mod to report a problem to.

    Random - Sorts members by random draw.

    You can also change the view of the gallery to either a List or Grid view using these icons:

    Default for the site is to view the members list in a grid view.

    You also have the option to invite other fans to this site by clicking on the "invite button" on the top right.

    Recent members are also listed in the sidebar.

    If you wish to update your own profile to change what other member can see or to just add and enhance your page you can find a "edit your profile" tutorial here: 

    You can also access your own profile from the side bar at the very top where it says "Members Area"

  6. The Forum

    The site Forum is the hub of the fansite. It's where all members can come together to discuss Jeff and Jordan with other fans. Topic can range from the shows they are currently on, to events they are going to, or just rambling and random discussion and debates pertain to Jeff and Jordan.

    As you view our forum page you will see a list of discussion topics. These are called "threads".

    The first thing you need to do before joining one of the our discussion threads is to familiarize yourself with the site rules which can be found here:


    You can find the most recent discussion threads in the sidebar. Clicking on the threads from here will bring you directly to the last page of the discussion thread, which most members find convenient.

    You can also access all the threads from the main forum page. Unfortunately when you click on a thread from this page it will take you to the first page of the thread (not sure why) and you will need to scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the last page number to view the most recent posts to reply to. Or you can start at the beginning and read through the entire thread, clicking on the "next" button or corresponding page number to continue reading the next page of the thread.

    Going back to the forum home page, you have the option to sort all threads by normal and recent. Or if you are looking for a particular thread you can use the search feature to locate posts that have keywords in them. For example if you were looking for a discussion about an upcoming event or about a certain person, you would search using their name.

    To Start your own new discussion you will need to click this button:

    But before doing so, we urge all members to search existing threads to make sure there isn't already one discussing the topic you wish to bring up. We want to avoid cluttering the forum list.


    If you wish to join an already existing thread, you have a few options on how to begin your post.

    First up, after entering a thread you will see this button at the top right of the page:

    Clicking on it will bring up this page where you will see a blank reply box that you will use to make your post.

    Your second Option is to scroll to the bottom of the page and use the Quick Reply Box. There is no real difference in the two option other than he quick reply box right there without needed to click on "post reply" to get the same box.

    At the top of every reply box you have a bar of tools to help enhance and personalize your post. The Following Tool are what you can use and how you can use them:

    Side note * In order to use any of these tools you will first need to highlight the text you wish to use the tool on and then click the icon you wish to use on your text.

    If you do not understand the concept of highlighting, this is what that means. You take your mouse, while holding the left button down and drag it across the text you wish to highlight, you will see a colored shade cover the text. When you are finished highlighting, let go of the mouse button and then click on the tool icon in the bar above that you wish to use on your text.

     - Bold, This button will turn your highlighted text bold.

     - Italics, This button will italicize your highlighted text.

     - Underline, This button will underline your highlighted text.

     - Strikethrough, This button will strikethrough your highlighted text.

     - Text Size. These two buttons will increase and decrease the size of your highlighted text. AAAAA
    Clicking on the larger "A" with the up arrow will immediately make your text the largest it can be, you will ten need to click on the smaller "A" with the down arrow to decrease the size of your text to where you like.

     - Bullet Points, This button will help you create bullet points in your post.
    • Simply create your list
    • highlight it
    • and then click the button

     - Number listings, This is similar to the bullet points,
    1. with the exception
    2. that instead of points
    3. it numbers your list

     - Indent/outdent,
    Using his tool you can create an indent (or tab) to your highlighted text
    You can then use the icon on the right to remove the tab and return your text to normal

    - Left, Right Justification and Centering.

    The far left icon is to be used to justify (move) all your text to the left.

    The far right icon is to be used to justify (move) all your text to the right, like so.

    The Middle icon is used to center your text in the middle of your post. like so.

     - Fonts, The following list can be found in the pull down menu you get when clicking this icon. You have 7 different choices of font formats.

     - Text Color, Use the pallet below to change the color of your text to whatever you prefer, just keep in mind using a color that is easy to read on our black background. Just highlight the text and click on the icon to access the pull down color menu and click on the color box you choose.

     - Remove Format (undo), you can use this icon to revert your text back to the default settings, removing any color, change in size, font, indent, bullet points, and justification, anything.

     - Insert a link, You will use this icon to insert a clickable link into your post. When you click this icon you will see this window pop up:

    You will then need to copy the link in it's entirety and paste it into the blank box above and hit "ok". The link should then appear in your post in "blue" Allowing others to click on it taking them to the page you want.

    If you are not familiar with what to copy, a link is the site address that tells your browser what site you want to go to, you can find the link in the address bar of your browser like this:

    In this case the link is , this is what you need to copy and then paste into the pop up box for your link to work in your post. If you do not use this method to post a link, your link will not be able to be clicked on.

     - Unlink, not sure what this is used for other than to turn your clickable link into a non clickable link.

     - Post an image, This icon issued to upload images in your post. In the same way you post a link, you will need to copy and paste the image address into the box below for it to appear in your post.

    The image Address can be found by right clicking on any image online and selecting "copy image address", then you will paste that into the box above. An Image address always has the photo file format at the end of the URL like either .jpg or .gif or .png

    Another way to find an image address is through google images, search for an image and when you find one, click on it and you'll come to a page with this on top: 

    Click on "See Full Size Image" and it will take you to page with just the image and the image address in your browser bar like so... Notice the .jpg at the end of the URL? That's an image address.

     - Smilies. Smilies are used to personalize ones posts :lol: or to convey emotion during a discussion.  :dry: Clicking on this icon will pull up the following smiley menu: :wink:

    Unfortunately, :( we are limited to these 12 smilies, however :D you can find other smiley, even animated ones :tongue: on other sites to add to your posts, you will just need to use the same procedure you did above to add an image into your post. :cool:

     - HTML editor, I don't recommend trying to use this, it's an advanced feature to be used to add HTLM code to your post, but the few times i've used it, it never worked out right.


    At the bottom of your reply box you will see this:

    A Signature can be a small image, banner or text that you wish to accompany all of your posts. By clicking on "edit" you can access this part of your profile to add one. Just please remember to add only images that fit the width of your posts.

    There are a few tools that you will fid on your fellow members posts that you can use. They are:

    Quoting Posts:  to be used if you wish to direct your post to one member in particular. Clicking this will tack on their original post to the top of yours so when your post appears it looks as if you are reply directly to that persons and not the forum as a whole.

    Flagging posts: Flagging another members post is only to be done if you feel their post breaks a site rule or is inappropriate in some way. A flagged post will be temporarily removed from the discussion until a mod can review the post to either delete it or return it back to the thread. This button is not a toy, please only use it when you see a clear rule violation.


    These two options are only available on YOUR posts, and I'm not sure, but on most forums they are only valid on your most recent posts. 

    If you wish to delete your own post, you can just click the delete button underneath your post

    If you wish to go back in an edit, change or add something to your post, click the Edit button underneath your post.

    Mods, Admins and the site owner have these tools under every single post and can use them to delete or edit posts that break our site rules. When his is done, a mod will most likely contact you to explain why the change or deletion was made.
    The following is helpful information you can find in a thread:

    The date and time a post was made, so you can keep track of the most recent posts.

    Avatar info:
    Below is an example of the members site avatar. Next to each post the member will have an avatar (an image they choose to use to represent themselves, either a personal image, one of jeff and jordan or just an image they like).

    Underneath in blue will be their site username. This name is also a clickable link that will take you to their profile page where you can add them as a friends, send them a private message, view their recent activity and post on their wall.

    Underneath the username you will find their members permission and their post count. The Post count shows an updated count of how  many posts they have made on the site. The Members permission tells you if the person is one of 4 things (Member, Moderator, Admin, Site Owner) This can be helpful in locating a mod or admin if you need to report something on the site.

    Lastly, there are times when a thread either gets out of control or gets too long where it will be "locked". If this is the case you will not be able to post in it. If the thread is too long, more then likely a mod will create a new thread to continue the discussion, if the thread is locked due to posters misbehaving then it will stay locked until the drama has died down.

  7. The Calendar

    The Site Calendar is a great tool for keeping up with upcoming event with Jeff and Jordan as well as looking backwards to last summers live feeds with our extensive "Live Feed Flash back guide" that can be found on months Jun-Sept 2009

    When you first view the calendar page you will see the most recent month, but you can view future and previous months by clicking the "Previous month" and "Next month" options at the top of the calendar:

    You can also use this bar to change the view of the calendar to narrow it down to certain weeks, days or all upcoming events, regardless of the current date.

    Each event is listed in blue and is a clickable link to another page that gives more detail about the event or pictures from the event.

    The Flashback guide is the same way, just click on the same of a given Jeff and Jordan moment on the feed and you will see a page that explain what happened in that moment, what feed camera to view it on and what time it started, there may also be a screen cap accompanying the details to help give you more of a visual to help you find the feed clip you are looking for.

    This is an example of the flashback guide listing all the jeff and jordan moments for that day using keywords to describe the moment on the feeds:

    Clicking on one of these links, let's say "Jordan and the girls chat about Jeff" on July 28th, will pull up a more detailed account of the feed highlight like so:

    All members are welcome to post an event as long as they can provide as much information about the event (date, time, details, descriptions, screencaps).


    Members can also make comments or post questions on each event. If you see a mistake on an event, please contact a mod to correct the mistake.

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